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Why 91% of Municipality Websites Are Inaccessible


"Our visitors and members tell us how much they love our new chamber of commerce website, and I like CompleteMember because it's so easy to use! CompleteMember has saved us thousands of dollars per year in administrative costs, launched us to the first page of Google, and helped us bring in advertising revenue." Wesley Graff, Executive Director, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Benefits of City Booster

Boast About Your Community

Your website will act as a hub for visitors and businesses to learn all that your community has to offer.

Easily Update Your Website & Events

With little to no web knowledge, you can keep your site updated at any time.  Post updates on news, events, sales, members, businesses, and more.  Create your own forms to gather information and feedback.  Schedule content, promotions, and events to display only when you want them to.

Support Local Businesses

Schedule custom sales and promotions like "Spending a Day in Our Town" where you can team up to boost local businesses.

Boost Visitor Traffic With Automatic Integration to Social Websites & Search Engines

Your website will automatically adjust itself for users to share your community on their favorite social network and for search engines to read your site correctly for higher rankings.

Find Out What's Most Popular

With easy to understand analytics, you can see what areas of your website are most popular.

Easy to Convert from Your Existing Website

Your existing website and information can be easily converted to the new City Booster system.

Always Current

Along with having the power to update your content on-demand, you always have the most current City Booster system.  If an update comes out, you automatically get the update to make your website better and more secure.

Communicate With Visitors

In addition to unlimited hosting and email addresses, you can use our newsletter system to stay in touch with visitors and local businesses.