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How does Complete Member make my organization look professional?

Your website is clear and easy-to-use.

  • We make sure visitors have a direct, clear path to what they’re looking for.
    • We have invested great amounts of time and finances studying how people interact with websites and how they browse for information. We apply this research to your website.
  • We work with you on organizing your content to eliminate confusion to visitors.
    • Example: Your website has separate products and systems sections. If your site is setup this way you force the visitor to know whether what they’re looking for is a product or a system. Now, they must decide what section to go into. If they choose the wrong section, they could get frustrated and decide to leave. If you combined products and systems in one section, you are not requiring your visitor to know how you categorized your website. This results in happier site visitors and more business for you.

Your website is built with the latest technologies.

  • Computers, operating systems, and search engines are changing all the time. We make sure your website is compatible and will work for everyone.
  • Even our most basic websites can use seven different website code languages at one time.
    • HTML makes up only about 15% of our website designs.

Your website attracts visitors and makes sure they stay.

  • We design to convert a higher percentage of people that come to your website.
    • Example: You currently have 100 people a month coming to your website. On average, only one of those people turns into sales. Our websites turn that one sale into ten. If you stayed with your current website, you would have to send 1,000 people a month to your website to have the same results. More traffic isn’t always the best next step, we can show you what is.
  • Your website is designed for search engines.
    • Our system makes sure that your website is properly indexed by search engines, resulting in higher rankings.
    • We make sure that your site is targeted for highly relevant searches.