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"Our visitors and members tell us how much they love our new chamber of commerce website, and I like CompleteMember because it's so easy to use! CompleteMember has saved us thousands of dollars per year in administrative costs, launched us to the first page of Google, and helped us bring in advertising revenue."  Wesley Graff, Executive Director, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
"Our website has only been live one month and thanks to our new search-engine optimized website, we've already doubled the number of monthly visitors, volunteer inquiries, and donations for our non-profit animal rescue group." Linda Daichendt, HomeFurever Animal Rescue 

Our Story

Membership management softwareWe have been designing websites and content management systems for businesses, non-profits, and organizations for over seven years. In early 2009, another organization had heard positive feedback about our work and approached us about designing their website, and integrating member management and QuickBooks into a single web-based solution. Not only were they unhappy with their current site, but they also didn't like the options offered by other web design and member management systems. Other systems had two types of major problems:
  1. Wasted time. Some website and content management systems just weren't powerful enough. Thus, membership-based organizations had to do double and triple entry of member information and invoicing into Access, Quickbooks, and their website! It took them hours to update simple things like events and community information. This is a waste of valuable time for organizations with limited resources.
  2. Hard to use. Then there were some systems that had the right tools and looked okay on the surface, however they were hard to use and weren't designed specifically for organizations.  Quite often, their administration panel was clunky and not intuitive, meaning that it took time to train and manage member information, website content, and invoicing.
Using our philosophy of powerful simplicity, we launched a robust, yet easy to use system for membership-organizations that had only the tools you would want, and none of the tools you don't need. At that point, CompleteMember was born.

What Makes Us Different

We designed the CompleteMember system from the ground up to achieve two main goals:
  1. Save your organization administration time and costs
  2. Generate additional revenue for your organization

Save Time

CompleteMember is an easy-to-use, web-based system to help you save time on what you spend most of your time doing:
  • Updating member information
  • Updating events and attendee lists on your website
  • Sending emails and notices to members and visitors
  • Inputing invoices into Quickbooks
We automated as much as we could, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Quickbooks integration, event registrations, event scheduling, and much more, so you wouldn't have to waste your precious time on these tasks. What we couldn't automate, we made easy for your to manage. It takes just minutes to add an event, add or edit a page on your website, and change a phone number for a member. With the CompleteMember system, you can truly do more with less.

Generate Revenue

Member revenuesWe know you're short on cash. That's why we designed the CompleteMember system to help you generate additional revenue. Here are three examples of how you can use CompleteMember to grow your bottom line:
Grow Advertising. Generate several thousands of dollars of additional revenue per month by having members advertise on your website. We have an automated ad delivery and scheduling system that helps you get started.
Grow Membership Base. We included built-in sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you turn more leads into sales.
Sell Coupons, Tickets, and More. Using our system, you can sell member coupon books to visitors, sell tickets to events, or sell products that promote your community (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.).
Just by using these additional revenue streams, the CompleteMember system pays for it self in just a few months!


Soon enough, you are up and running with your new, fully-integrated website, membership database, and invoicing system by CompleteMember. You are saving thousands of dollars a year in administration costs and generating thousands of dollars per month in advertising revenue. Your organization is growing by leaps and bounds, your members are happier, your visitors return again and again, and your executive team is giving each other slaps on the back.

Let us prove that we can do this for you. Contact us today to schedule a free demo.